We have been operating since 2000 and have grown year on year. When we started we initially offering managed IT services to businesses and organizations in Northern Ireland. We have developed the business into a technical business services company. We act as your Virtual IT Director and IT department working towards developing your business to ensure the solutions we provide are best for your business, enable your business to expand and become more efficient.

We stick by our motto “Better Business Through Better Technology”. We become part of your business, we learn how you operate and through this close relationship we aim to do what is right for your business.

Our experienced team come from a various backgrounds and roles that allow us to develop solutions that. Businesses must be functional in its everyday while operating securely on reliable and maintained systems. Our solutions are designed to be reactive to the threats and cyber attacks. We develop policies and processes in line with industry standards to ensure businesses are compliant and protect not only their organizations IT Security but also the reputation and brand image.

We are a cross platform installer, maintenance and support provider. Our support team act as the virtual IT Department for many businesses and also work with organizations existing internal IT Departments for projects and escalations. We have staff member working full time on customers sites acting as the site IT staff, with the full backing of our support team.

Our HQ office in located Antrim and another office in Cookstown, which currently being expanded to new premises to cater up to 14 staff onsite. Our future plans include having a physical presence in Republic Of Ireland, Scotland and England.

Our customers range from engineering, law, accountancy, real estate, design, construction, manufacturing, transport, charity sectors. These range from single site to multisite locations. We offer the same level of service to our customers with 5 users right up to sites with 600 plus users.

We have a base line that each customer operates at. This ensures the basis of our FMC security and processes are in place and can operate and function to offer a proactive security system. This is the foundation of our relationship with our customers, safe in the knowledge that your systems are operational, secure and have a tested contingency option if an incident occurs.

Our telecoms systems offer unified communications to you and your organization. Anywhere, anytime and on any device you will be in communication with your organization. Collaborate on the move, have a conference video call with your satellite offices or customers, share and create on any device. Our team offer not only the systems to enable you to do business on the move but also the connectivity to power these systems – internet connectivity and cooperate wireless solutions.

Say goodbye to the old way of working and hello to the new possibilities.

Our professional services offer businesses additional services to aid in the development and growth of the organization. We’ve helped businesses change their way of working, expanded their markets and customer bases with the same resources by allowing them to work smarter. With funding options from Invest NI to tender bidding and business strategy development we have made businesses better.