Managed IT Services

Our Process Timeline:

Meet Client Pricing / Objectives / Purpose
Support Ticket Customer / Opportunity
Collect Site Data Current site setup
Meetings Schedule site visit / internal meetings etc.
Site Visit Engineer onsite working through checklist
Meet Account Manager Discuss on boarding. Confirm numbers. etc.
Meet the Client Finalise pricing and how to move forward.
Outsource To Deliver Delivery

The auditing feature in AEM allows us to collect information on software installed on each computer, server and laptop device on the network and schedule updates/software patches to ensure all users are using the latest version of software. This aids in patching any security issues or bugs in using old releases of software packages. This can also be tailored for some organisations who require only a certain version of a software application and must not change, this is carried out with the consent of the organisation in question.

Planned Maintenance

Patching Servers Quarterly Patching Clients Quarterly
Firmware Upgrades Bi-Annually Backup Verification Weekly
UPS Testing Quarterly Test Restores Monthly
Server Care Bi-Annually Performance Reporting Monthly
DR Testing Bi-Annually Pre-emptive Confirmation Monthly
AD Management Quarterly
Asset Management Quarterly
KPI Reporting Monthly
Group Policy Maintenance Quarterly

Automated routines

These are ran on end computing devices to improve efficiency and reliability

Scheduled tasks which can, for example, turn on a desktop computer using Wake-On-LAN then proceed to run disk clean-up, a virus scan and then finally install any pending updates all while the computers are not in use outside of business hours. We can monitor sites to help save energy costs and improve assets life by automated shut down of unused equipment outside of office hours.

Live System State & Health

Ability to diagnose and resolve issues in the background with remote control tools without having to revert to a remote control session

Reporting & Monitoring

AEM provides a full auditing on all devices on the network, including; storage capacity, CPU & resources monitoring and software applications. It will also alert if there are any hardware issues recorded on the computers logs through carefully tailored filters; otherwise there would many false positive results and “noise” in the data.


Backup monitoring ensures that backup jobs have been completed successfully and have also the backup is valid and useable. Backups are sampled and a test file restored to ensure the backup is usable if it will ever be required.