Services & Consultancy

Our teams develop and build solutions and policies around your business to ensure that if an incident were to occur your business keeps going. We work within industry standards including Data Protection Act, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 to ensure a complete and compliant solution is operational if required.

Over the last number of years we have had the experience of aiding customers in rebuilding their businesses after a disaster has struck. We see cases on a weekly basis of attacks and businesses not being prepared – no longer can it be the case of relying on a backup. Our teams experience has aided in developing disaster recovery plans and out systems in place that have been tested in live environments. We regularly test backups to ensure they are fit for purpose, we review customers operations and the key business functions to enable the business to still operate if their is a disaster. We develop a staged plan with third parties to ensure their systems can be restored in the event if required. We aiding in researching alternative solutions, such as cloud based systems which require little hardware and just connectivity to restore normal business operations.

Our team have experience in working with organizations to deal with external issues, aid in recruiting technical and management staff as well as offering advice and business insight on projects and on going company activities. We learn about your business and treat your business as our business as well. Our values and ethics are driven by doing what is right for your business as opposed to just being concerned about financial gain for Outsource.

Our team is comprised of industry experts with years of experience in bidding and successfully wining tenders with their previous roles and also with our customers. We work with your in-house bidding team to develop successful tender submissions. Read more about our successes in our case studies.

We monitor our customer sites to ensure all software licensing is compliant and that organizations are compliant with industry standards.

Our team act as the virtual IT Directors who aid in planning and future planning in line with business strategy and design solutions and infrastructure to cater for this.