Is Company Culture Crucial to Business Success?
20th December 2018
Continued Growth in 2019
19th March 2019

Significant evidence exists supporting the link between wellbeing at work and productivity. With wellbeing including physical health and mental wellbeing. Jobs that offer a good work–life balance with a good income are associated with better physical and mental health and less absenteeism. However, businesses vary considerably in how proactive they are in promoting employee well-being. Approximately 55% say well-being is on the agenda of senior leaders, with only two-fifths having a standalone well-being strategy in support of their wider organisation.

During our most recent Better Business Event, hosted at Galgorm Resort & Spa, we invited companies and organisation’s from across NI to discuss ideas and discover innovative solutions that could help them achieve their best year ahead in 2019. Experts including Dr Jonny Bloomfield, (Support to Perform) & Tara Gale (Dell) talked us through the importance of personal wellbeing, developing and implementing a strategy that could create real results and the benefits of implementing technology to keep workforces engaged and empowered.

The final session of the day was in collaboration with David Meade and we were able to deliver a hugely rewarding and challenging team building experience where everyone in the room got to make a real difference in the life of another.

Check out the clip below and get in touch if you would like to register interest to attend or collaborate at one of our future Thought Leader events.

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