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1st February 2018
greatest threat to cybersecurity
Outsource makes proactive steps to protect client base from Russian cyber attacks
21st March 2018
greatest threat to cybersecurity

Cyber Attacks - The Greatest Threat?

Time Until Cyber Security Event

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of foolishness, it was the age of wisdom.”

Today your business faces the greatest threat of a Cyber Attack it ever has, and yet today you face the least threat of a Cyber Attack you will ever face.

Based on our ever-increasing reliance on IT in both our business and personal lives, we are all in the IT business now and just like death and taxes – Cyber Attacks are now another certainty we will all have to face going forward. Irrespective of your size or sector you will be attacked, as highlighted during the delays at the opening ceremony at the Winter Olympic Games; a direct result of a Cyber Attack on their IT systems.

Please take a moment and think about the implications for your company of a successful cyber- attack. The result being your staff not being able to send/receive emails, the loss of confidential customer data, the inability to issue invoices, inability to take bookings, reputational damage, internal / external monetary loss, inability to pay suppliers or staff. It just makes commercial sense for you to take action to mitigate these risks as early as possible, not only from a financial perspective, (stopping an attack is always a cheaper option than dealing with the fall out after the event), but also from operational and reputational perspectives.

Outsource Solutions has spent the last 18 years providing advice, support, technological solutions and experience to ensure our customer’s IT infrastructures are fit for purpose, not only for today, but for tomorrow. We can design, develop, install and pro-actively manages your IT with the objective of future proofing your systems and mitigating against threats such as Cyber Attacks.

So, what is the Greatest Threat behind the likelihood of your business facing a Cyber Attack?

Is it YOU the decision maker? You will always have the choice to do nothing, cross your fingers and hope your company is the exception to the rule and will never become the victim of an attack. Alternatively, you can decide to take some actions to ensure the risks of a successful attack are mitigated. We say “mitigate” the risk, as whatever some may say, no one can guarantee 100% protection against a successful Cyber Attack. What we can guarantee is that if YOU decide to do nothing, sooner rather than later, you will be attacked and your business will suffer.

Is it your STAFF? It is estimated more than 50% of Cyber Attacks are considered internal, whether via witting or unwitting staff actions. To mitigate you need to ensure your staff are trained in understanding their IT security obligations, to spot possible sinister external attempts to access your systems and it is constantly reinforced to them the significance and negative implications of not fully adhering to satisfactory internal security processes and procedures.

Is it your PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES? Basic rules around the enforcement of strong standards for user id’s and passwords and keeping them safe and secure are some of the simplest ways to protect your systems from attack, as it makes stealing credentials to misuse more difficult. Another simple procedure is to ensure all company equipment with sensitive data is fully encrypted. Burglars like houses with open doors just as much as hackers like companies with no controls.

Is it your IT SYSTEM DESIGN AND MAINTENANCE? First and foremost, don’t ignore the simple stuff. Ensure the appropriate software patches are applied immediately to minimize the vulnerability window of opportunity to exploit before the patch is applied. When designing your IT systems, design for future risks, known and unknown and use the best technology and the best professional advice. As importantly ensure your systems are monitored, patched, updated 24/7/365 by a highly regarded IT managed services company. Seek professional advice.

So, whatever you may feel are the Greatest Threats to your IT security, Outsource advice is make the effort to consider the impacts and “do something” to address. Outsources highly regarded Fully Managed Contract (FMC) is one way to secure and future proof your business. Just like taking out car insurance mitigate you against the costs and inconvenience of an accident, our 24/7/365 managed FMC fixed price rolling contract mitigates your IT infrastructure against existing and future attacks.

However, our FMC does much more and is based on three fundamental pillars; Recovery, Security and Performance. If you are accepted onto FMC you are guaranteed, we will recover you, we will mitigate your security risks and will maximise your system performance.

Don’t take risks with your IT, Outsource Solutions IT.

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