Fit to burst or fit for purpose?

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18th May 2018
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15th June 2018

When was the last time you found yourself on the other end of the phone to your IT support service with yet another new or recurring issue?

If it’s a lot more frequent than you’d like, with unwelcome and unplanned invoices to boot, then maybe it’s time you tried a new approach.

The basic industry model for IT managed services is referred to as ‘Break/Fix’ – if it breaks, we fix it. This fundamentally remains a sound business model as the more IT ‘things’ that break the more work and therefore income for the IT company.

Fair enough, you might think. However, at Outsource we have always built our business around the customer’s needs and in 2016 we decided our customers deserved more. They deserve better, they deserve IT that doesn’t break. This resulted in the evolution of our innovative Fully Managed Contract (FMC), which offers an unparalleled level of service based on three core customer pillars, Recovery, Security and Performance.

The premise is simple. Our FMC provides an agreed level of service for which a customer pays a flat fixed monthly fee. Outsource then manage their IT ensuring agreed service levels.

Our FMC is based on us designing and implementing the most appropriate technological solution for our customers’ business needs, both for today and tomorrow. To deliver this, we constantly invest in new and better technology, we pro-actively monitor, maintain and repair customer devices 24/7/365 – remotely where possible – before and without the customer even knowing on many occasions.

Two years on our FMC offering has continued to evolve and based on the speed of change within IT and the business world, we expect it will always develop and mould to new needs as we find and utilise cutting edge technology to support our customers.

We remain so confident in our innovative FMC that we have taken a business decision that our FMC is not and will never be a contractual commitment; customers do not enter into any contractual obligations and can cancel their FMC at any time – without notice. The fact that every single Outsource customer transitioned onto our FMC remains on the programme, highlights the success in this innovative service approach and the reassurance it gives local businesses.

In the ever-changing world of IT, with new and sophisticated threats being developed every day and business needs constantly evolving to meet the demands of new markets, no reputable IT company can ever provide a 100% guarantee to a customer that they will never have issues. However, FMC customers are guaranteed that whether an IT issue is, “their fault, our fault or someone else’s fault”, they will never pay any additional costs to Outsource for us to fix the issue.

As a paying customer you should expect the best technological solutions delivered by the best people but, just as importantly, at Outsource we pride ourselves in also providing our customers with the ultimate business goal – peace of mind. Something to think about the next time you pick up the phone to IT support.


Outsource was established 18 years ago and employs around 30 staff across offices in Antrim, Belfast, Cookstown, Dublin and Edinburgh. Its customers include leading names from the hospitality, engineering, legal, professional services, manufacturing, energy, financial services and food sectors.


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