Fully Managed Contracts are your best defence against an ever changing threat landscape. The risk to technology is growing at an exponential rate.

There are hundreds of things we do to offer assurance.

For you this condenses to a simple report card that guarantees everything required has been done.

A Fully Managed Contract with Outsource Solutions as your technology partner allows your business to perform at optimum levels, reducing or eliminating IT frustrations and downtime of your teams and services.

Allowing you to focus on business growth and trust the Outsource team to manage and maintain your IT services.

Our Fully Managed Contracts (FMC) will provide your business with a dedicated personal account manager who will make and take time to understand your business goals and objectives.

We will then tailor make a solution that is the best fit for your business needs. As your IT provider, we want to work both with you and for you, and do not believe in a one size fits all service.

Recovery, Security and Performance:

RECOVERY – What is your tolerance to data loss? Have you considered what would happen if there was a loss of your data? What is your target time to recover? What is your back up procedure? With an FMC we will ensure there is a disaster recovery plan to guarantee we get your data back and ensure business continuity.

SECURITY – The threat landscape is a continual challenge. An FMC will offer a fully patched and protected environment, continual monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year with alerts in place to ensure maximum protection and peace of mind.

PERFORMANCE – FMC offers tailor-made solutions investigating application control and correct utilisation of your business tools. To ensure your business is maximising opportunities and performing at optimum levels now and into the future.

The 3 pillars of our Fully Managed Contracts are Recovery, Security & Performance (RSP)

Do you worry about cyber threats, ransomware and hackers?
Are you sure you could recover your systems if there was a disaster?

Fully Managed Contracts will:

 Control costs (P)

Minimise risk (S)

 Secure data and information (S / R)

 Increase productivity (P)

 Grow your business (p)

 Provide Disaster Recovery Plan (R)

Services will include:

 Dedicated account manager (P)

 Pro-active maintenance (S)

 Continual monitoring (R)

 On-going reporting (R)

 Responsive support teams (R/P)

 Protection from cyber attacks & security breaches (S)

 Data loss prevention

 Strategic consultancy services (P)

 Outstanding customer service (P)

A FMC allows Outsource to be proactive rather than reactive in our response, rather than fixing something when broken our systems allow us to identify issues or problems before they escalate.

We mitigate risk from your business.

The Outsource multi-layered security model is designed to protect your most precious asset, your data, from cyber- attacks and breaches.

Let Outsource be your IT experts. With a fully managed contract (FMC), service level agreements (SLA’s) will offer guarantees in terms of what you can expect, in terms of standards, response times and on-going system monitoring.

A Fully Managed Contract will offer you maximum security, performance & recovery of your data.

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