Outsource warns cyber risks can’t be ignored

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15th June 2018
It’s in our DNA
20th June 2018

Outsource Solutions has warned local businesses that cyber-crime is a very real threat which can have detrimental effects on an organisation if not addressed.

Speaking at the Greatest Threat Cyber Security event hosted Outsource, Terry Moore, said the risk of cyber-attacks could not be ignored by businesses of any size:

“Too many organisations put off taking steps to protect themselves from cyber threats because they don’t fully understand the risks and believe that because they are a small or medium sized business that they simply won’t be targeted. This event was aimed at outlining the dangers businesses face and also highlighting the simple measures which can be put in place to protect themselves.”

Also speaking at the event was Detective Inspector Sam Kinkaid who heads the PSNI Cyber Crime unit and Arthur Gordon a senior product manager at WatchGuard Technologies who is based in Seattle. Guests also heard from Lorraine McAfee at Kestrel Foods who outlined the procedures her organisation has implemented to protect itself as an SME which trades globally.

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