Phishing Attacks: An Escalating Threat to Businesses


Every day, there are 65,000 attempts to hack SMEs and among these, phishing attacks has emerged as the predominant method employed by malicious actors to illicitly obtain data, information, or funds.

 Understanding Phishing

Phishing refers to deceptive tactics where perpetrators employ various platforms (such as emails, mobile messages, social media, phone calls, and texts) to mislead individuals into performing certain actions. These actions could be as simple as clicking a link, but they can lead to significant security breaches, allowing the attacker unauthorised access, theft of data, or even holding a company at ransom.

 Strategies to Enhance Cybersecurity

To bolster defences against such intrusions, businesses can adopt several proactive measures:

  1. Training: Engage in continuous staff training and security awareness programs. This can be done in-house or via trusted IT partners, with the inclusion of regular simulated phishing tests.
  2. Anti-Virus Software: Ensure the use of reliable and frequently updated Anti-Virus solutions.
  3. Firewalls: Deploy both Desktop and Network Firewalls that are expertly set up and maintained.
  4. Browser Security: Always update browsers to incorporate the latest security patches, sealing any potential vulnerabilities.
  5. Pop-Ups: Always scrutinise pop-ups, even those that appear genuine.
  6. Site Security: Before interacting with a site, confirm its security credentials.
  7. Personal Information: Limit the amount of personal data shared online.
  8. Passwords: Adhere to robust password protocols, emphasising complexity and using combinations of random words.
  9. MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication): This should be a fundamental security provision.
  10. Think Before Clicking: If a message urges immediate action, pause and reflect. Feeling rushed often indicates potential deceit.

Remember, human error is inevitable. While these strategies offer substantial protection, it’s crucial to anticipate potential breaches. Thus, having a predefined response plan is indispensable. This ensures that in the event of a breach, appropriate actions are executed promptly, minimising further risks and disruptions.

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