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We are passionate about Cloud and Internet technologies.

With responsibility for a corner of the Internet and the global Cloud ecosystem, we provide highly bespoke digital infrastructure solutions that will guarantee the performance of your business applications and offer the absolute best user experiences.


Highly performant and secure Enterprise-grade cloud services enabling businesses to accelerate productivity, optimise IT and maximise return on investment.


Bespoke recovery plans that will guarantee your business's ability to recover from a data loss event and minimise business disruption and downtime.


Optimise and protect your network with direct private connections to your cloud service and a centralised managed firewall.

People Focused and Results Driven

The value of any technology, cloud or service-based solution should be measured by the results it delivers to your business. We will always put your business and users’ needs first. We take an agnostic approach when architecting a solution.  Incorporating the very best of Public, Private, On-Prem and Edge Cloud technology allows us to design and deliver a tailored solution that best fits your applications and unique business needs. Our industry’s best cloud infrastructure is built on world-class compute and storage hardware, and cloud technology. Designed and delivered in partnership with some of the world’s leading cloud technology partners; Dell TechnologiesVeeam, VMware Software and Intel Corporation. Our highly experienced, certified team will work with you to identify and maximise all opportunities cloud computing can offer your business, including improved scalability, optimised costs, enhanced operational efficiency, and more.

Why OSG Cloud?


How applications perform, and ultimately the end users' experience and perception, is all that matters.

Built on industry-leading technologies that bring together the best-in-class virtualised compute, storage, and networking. Customer environments and built and deployed with 100% guaranteed resources - no usage caps, throttling or oversubscription of the underpinning physical resources.

Allowing your applications to perform to their full potential.


Designed and engineered from the ground up to provide the highest levels of uptime and availability.

The platform underpinning all services is fully redundant and fault tolerant with zero single points of failure across the service delivery chain, from hardware, through software, network infrastructure, data centres, and multiple Tier 1 carriers.

Contracts and SLAs are in place with our partners and critical supply chain suppliers to ensure continuity of service at all times.


We adopt a defence in-depth approach to security and deploy multiple layers of protection.

In addition to the perimeter and platform level security devices, dedicated distributed and stateful Layer 7 firewalling protects each of your server environments. This provides a further layer of advanced threat prevention that includes IDS & IPS, network sandbox, and network detection and response.

Having full and granular visibility of all network activity enables us to proactively manage security.


Having confidence and assurance that you can recover from data loss or disaster events is critical.

We can accommodate any requirements around frequency, retention, RPO and RTO, and immutable copies of data. All aspects and expectations for recovery are documented and committed to and guaranteed under our SLA.

A level of business protection and assurance that is essential with the ever-increasing Ransomware and Cyber Security threats.

People Centric Approach

It’s not all about the tech. You need to know and trust that we will always put your business and interests first.

Our approach is highly collaborative and what makes us different is that whilst we are passionate about Cloud, its infrastructure and technology, we see it only as an enabler and one of many available internet infrastructures.

What we really care about is providing the absolute best and most appropriate technical solution for your business.

Managed Services Wrap

We provide a fully managed service - allowing you to focus on your business and customers.

Unlike other cloud providers, we don’t just look after the underpinning physical platform and leave you responsible for securing, supporting and maintaining everything on top. We're with you every step of the way.

Our fully managed service provides absolute guarantees around the performance of your applications and users’ experience, security and availability.

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