Our Story

Outsource was founded in 2000 by founder and CEO Terry Moore when the so called “Millennium Bug” was featuring heavily as a scare story in media and he recognised that security was the issue that business needed to focus on and set about changing the narrative.  Terry combined his expert technical knowledge with his business entrepreneurial skills to enable and help people better understand that technology was something to embrace in business, IT could make their life better not worse.

The Outsource team and services have grown substantially since then and is now made up of a highly skilled and diverse workforce of almost 100 staff, in five different locations: Antrim, Belfast, Cookstown, Dublin and Edinburgh.

But the company ethos, passion and vision remain the same:

 “To be widely recognised as an information technology partner and employer of choice, a place where all relationships are valued, and everyone strives to deliver and benefit from the highest possible standards.”

Terry, now supported by an ever increasing experienced team, remains the visionary leader at Outsource, ensuring that as a team we access global products and expertise and deliver the best IT security services and solutions to our wide and varied customer base.  You can read more about the man behind the company by checking out what he had to say during a recent Q&A, or head to our blog space to find out more.

At Outsource our success is linked with that of our customers which at its most basic level means “If you are not happy, we are not happy”.

Everything we do is about delivering services and solutions that will “make life better” for you.

Does it make life better?

Every decision made at Outsource is pitched against this one question, regardless of what the other influencing factors are or what people are involved.

Our culture has been built with this question in mind, and incorporates three major factors which are

  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Trust

People are valued

Our diverse team is made up of creative thinkers, who are brave in their approach and passionate about making a difference.  Everyone on our dynamic team is excellent at what they do.  Together they deliver platinum services to a wide range of industry and business users across NI, ROI, GB & Europe, often exceeding customer expectations by going above and beyond to create bespoke solutions to allow their business to function at it’s best.

Looking Ahead

It is estimated that technology will advance more in the next 10 years that the past 100.

Our team of dreamers and doers are constantly researching new ideas and exploring creative solutions to ensure that your business can perform at it’s best. We visionise the future, explore the unknown to allow us to equip people with the tools they need to succeed. We solve tomorrows problems today.

Our ambitious growth plans mean we are always looking for people who want to be part of building something special to join our team. People who want to contribute and be part of a business that will make a difference and lead the way for the IT industry in NI.

Find out more about current available positions by checking out our careers page. 

Everyone Matters

We are committed to building a diverse workplace culture and hold the bronze award for the NI Diversity Charter Mark. We understand our responsibility as an employer to ensure that everyone feels safe and supported, and where everyone is celebrated.  Diversity can divide or it can conquer, our diverse team is stronger together.  We want people to win and continually strive to create an environment that celebrates and encourages differences.  Our internal communities have been established to create support and learning environments for people to connect, build relationships and make life better for everyone on our team.

Relationships are Prioritised

We are proud to work with companies across every sector and industry in NI, ROI, GB and Europe. Our expert team are committed to investing time and effort to collaborate with global partners to deliver innovative solutions that improve business performance. Our services help transform operations, offer flexibility for remote workers, ensure peace of mind for senior managers and offer scalability options for growth.


Why Work With Us?

  • We build & develop relationships & are committed to making life better for everyone of our team and our customers
  • We are industry leaders, award winners & highly certified team of experts who deliver innovative services & solutions
  • We deliver results that transform operations, offer flexibility, peace of mind & improves overall business performance
  • We visionise the future, explore the unknown, equip people with the tools they need to succeed and solve tomorrows problems today.

Collaboration can enable creative problem solving and deliver innovative solutions. We partner with the best global industry leaders and providers of technology to ensure our customers have access to the solutions needed for their current and future business needs.

Below are some comments from a few of our customers about their experiences of working with the Outsource team.

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