A Whole New World


The lyrics of the famous song include a “dazzling place we never knew” and whilst if given the choice we may have opted for dazzling to mean exciting or adventurous as we imagined exploring a whole new world we can make the choice to embrace the unknown future with an attitude of kindness, resilience and hope.

Comments ring loud from people expressing how they are “feeling like they’re in a movie”, others are “fearful of the future” and some have genuine “concerns about health and financial risk”. Whilst we can never underestimate the anxiety some are experiencing, and should ensure we make time to empathise with how people are responding to the Covid-19 crisis, we can all choose to respond by committing to do something to help make life better for someone else.

“We will get through this by working together to help others.”

We can take our responsibility to keep good hygiene measures in place seriously, we can adhere to social distancing to minimise risk to the vulnerable and we can make all necessary changes to our current way of life to make sure the health of the people in our lives is the number one priority.

People above everything else.

Lifestyles can change, we can all adapt.  Whilst none of us may have experienced anything like this in our lifetimes, history has taught us that resilience in the face of adversary will help to ensure we come out of this crisis better people.

We have many tools available to help us function as “normally” as possible, things that during previous war like times of history were only imagined by those who found themselves isolated and alone. Use them to equip yourself will all you need to help yourself and others. Remembering always to keep an eye on the future, ambitions and plans should not be forgotten, place them on hold for now, not forever.

Check out the info-graphic below for a few ideas that might help or might inspire your thinking and contact us if there is anything that our team can do to help.


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