Diversity Wins


Diversity, inclusion and performance go hand in hand.

A recent McKinsey report which includes data from over 1000 companies in 15 countries, suggests that diversity wins. It also states that the relationship between diversity on executive teams and the likelihood of financial outperformance has strengthened over time.

The report suggests that “whilst inclusion and diversity may be at risk in some business because of the crisis—they remain critical for business recovery, resilience, and reimagination.

Whilst it is understandable for business leaders to focus on the critical and urgent areas of their operations those that implement a diversity and inclusion strategy whilst adapting to the new normal will reap the benefits.

Diverse and inclusive companies are likely to make better, bolder decisions. For example, diverse teams have been shown to be more likely to radically innovate and anticipate shifts, pivot in response to consumer needs and help their companies to gain a competitive edge.


At Outsource we are committed to developing our diversity and inclusion strategy, it remains a core part of our agenda during the current crisis and beyond.  At Outsource our people–centric workplace has a culture that focuses on employees. A hard-working culture backed up by creativity, ambition and energy, but which involves putting people front and centre of everything it does, and in an innovative way. We listen and learn from one another and strive to exceed expectations and make life better for each other and our customers.

We were delighted to recently receive the Mark of Progress for our Bronze award for the Diversity Charter Mark NI demonstrating our progress and commitment to advancing diversity in the workplace. The organisations receiving the Charter Mark, granted by an independent assessors panel,  have committed to addressing areas of unequal gender representation at all levels, removing obstacles of career development; implementing structural and cultural changes that will help advance gender diversity; and putting in place a strategy and action plan to effect change.


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