Outsource Managed Service Evolves into Outsource Managed Security


As a leader in providing cutting-edge managed services, Outsource Group is proud to announce the evolution of its flagship offering from Outsource Managed Service to Outsource Managed Security. This change represents a significant enhancement in our commitment to safeguarding businesses in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

A New Era of Digital Security

In an age where digital security is more crucial than ever, we have recognised the need for a more focused approach towards protecting clients’ data and systems. Outsource Managed Security is not just a new name; it’s a redefined mission to offer superior protection, ensuring that businesses are not only running efficiently but are also shielded against modern cyber threats.

Three Pillars of Excellence

Our enhanced service is built on three foundational pillars:

  1. Recovery: Guaranteeing 100% recovery of your data, we ensure that your business is prepared for any eventuality.
  2. Security: Offering superior protection for your systems and data, we’re setting new standards in digital safety.
  3. Performance: Our service ensures your business operates at peak productivity, without any compromises on security.

Aligning with Cyber Security Standards

This upgrade is not just a step forward for our service offerings but a leap towards aligning with essential cyber security standards. We are empowering businesses to stay competitive and secure in a rapidly advancing digital age.

Commitment to Your Security

At Outsource Group, your business’ security is our top priority. We are thrilled to embark on this enhanced journey with our clients and assure you of our unwavering commitment to your digital safety.

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