Cyber Security.

A cyber attack can have severe, even fatal, consequences for any business.

A cyber attack is a malicious and deliberate attempt by an individual or organisation to breach the information system of another individual or organisation. Usually, the attacker seeks some type of benefit from disrupting the victim’s network. The ever-changing nature, speed and ferocity of attacks requires a multi-layered approach to mitigate the risk to you and your business.

According to Forbes The year 2020 broke all records when it came to data lost in breaches and sheer numbers of cyber-attacks on companies, government, and individuals.” 

Is your business ready for a cyber attack? The question is when an attack on your business happens, not if. We can provide independent Security and Vulnerability Testing to see how secure your business really is.

Outsource Managed Security (OMS) provides a multi-layered approach to protecting your business from attacks and breaches.  OMS is proactively updated, continually monitored and has a range of scripted alerts in place to identify and take preemptive actions to mitigate your risk.

No one can guarantee your business will be 100% secure against a successful cyber-attack. What Outsource do guarantee is that with our Outsource Managed Security contract your business will be more secure, better placed to defend against attacks and better placed to respond and recover should an attack succeed.

We believe that the single best way we can deal with the threat of cyber attacks for our customers is to pro-actively stop them before they succeed. We provide 24/7/365 security in the form of monitoring, alerts, security updates and can also provide vulnerability scans. Our services are designed to offer maximum protection and peace of mind and should the worst happen our OMS will guarantee recovery your data.

Outsource also believe in practising what we preach and as such are one of the few IT service providers in NI to secure the highly regarded and independently assessed Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

We will make your business safer and more secure. 


What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is the UK Government endorsed cyber security best practice scheme introduced in 2014 to provide basic standards which when applied will protect companies from common cyber threats online. Cyber Essentials certification is required for any suppliers to the UK government who handled any sensitive and personal information and any companies bidding for government contracts needed this certification.

The certification process requires a company to confirm they have five technical controls in place:

  • Firewalls
  • Secure Configuration
  • User Access Control
  • Malware Protection
  • Patch Management

Outsource Managed Security covers all five requirements and we will guide you through the ‘self certification’ process.

Enhanced Cyber Essentials certification

Cyber Essentials Plus is the significantly more onerous certification with system tests carried out by a regulated external certifying body, using a range of security assessment tools and techniques. 

An independent auditor completes the assessment by doing a security vulnerability scan of your IT infrastructure. The information gathered will guide any remedial actions, ensuring the company will meet the five technical controls to demonstrate good practice of information governance. As the external body works through your certification, you also have to supply evidence to ensure you meet all requirements.

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification ensures our systems are secure and robust. It allows us to offer maximum protection and peace of mind for the business and people we support.

It is estimated 80% of firms who progress Cyber Essentials Plus independently will fail their first independent audit. Outsource will support our customers through this process, ensuring the rigorous high standards are met prior to audit and supporting businesses throughout the audit process to successful certification.

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