Wi-Fi as a Service.

Robust, secure Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury, it is now a business requirement.

Customers now demand that Wi-Fi is available, reliable and fast & businesses need it to be robust, reliable and secure.

Outsource believes customer and business Wi-Fi demands are no longer mutually exclusive, but complimentary – with the Outsource Wi-Fi as a Service we are providing the markets most robust, reliable, secure and efficient Wi-Fi service. All designed, installed and managed by our certified Wi-Fi engineers.

We have simplified and modernised the process of providing Wi-Fi by packaging virtually every aspect of a high performing, secure Wi-Fi network into one end-to-end solution.

The days of businesses “buying boxes” and getting an electrician to hammer them into the ceiling are over. In order to deliver Wi-Fi fit for the modern business Outsource certified Wi-Fi engineers will

  • Complete a comprehensive site audit and assessment
  • Prepare a comprehensive report including floor plan heat maps
  • Design a bespoke solution
  • Deliver and implement solution
  • Ensure ongoing management and support

As more applications move to the cloud and people become more reliant on Wi-Fi in their day to day operations, the impact poorly designed or installed Wi-Fi has on business increases. We understand that every business sector has different needs and requirements, our service offers a bespoke solution to ensure we meet your specific business requirements and budget.

Every business is impacted by Wi-Fi. Every business depends on Wi-Fi

We take Wi-Fi seriously, so should you.

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Wi-Fi Security

We understand the importance of network security and the risk that Wi-Fi can expose to your business. Our solutions will ensure that you have the best protection from unauthorised access and misuse.

A lot of devices accessing your network may not be owned by you. WaaS will ensure your network always has the latest wireless security infrastructure and best practices in place to protect from any security breach.

Wi-Fi as a Service will help business deal with security vulnerabilities, GDPR issues and compliance with statutory legal obligations.


What is Wi-Fi as a Service?

Wi-Fi as a Service is a subscription-based service that combines three key elements: infrastructure, software, and managed services in line with our three core pillars of recovery, security and performance.

With Wi-Fi as a Service, we have packaged virtually every aspect of a high performing, secure    Wi-Fi network into one end-to-end solution to make your life better.

Our services include:

  • Infrastructure – hardware & equipment including access points and firewalls
  • Software – network management, location services and reporting
  • Managed services- remote monitoring and troubleshooting of issues, and ongoing support upgrades and routine security checks and maintenance within agreed SLA’s

Benefits of Wi-Fi as a Service Include:

  • Optimised wireless networking – our services are tailor made with your business in mind in order to deliver the best solution for your business to perform at optimum levels.
  • Future-proof operation – our in-depth analysis can ensure that your services are fit for purpose today and in the future.
  • High-grade security – design integrity, quality hardware and wireless know-how help minimise network vulnerabilities and offer maximum protection
  • Reduce costs – by offering a fixed operational expenditure
  • Improve guest connectivity – a range of solutions can be available to meet business needs.
  • Network management – complete network visibility drives improved service continuity across wired and wireless LANs/WAN

Subscribe and Save

Subscription-based models are changing the game across so many industries, just think Netflix!

Purchasing secure Wi-Fi is no longer complicated, stressful, or a budget issue. Keep things simple and secure by choosing a subscription-based solution for your Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Site Survey

Planning for coverage and capacity is a key factor with any Wi-Fi system as there are a number of factors which can influence the reliability, security and performance of a network.

We recommend a site survey carried out with the latest software to ensure your business requirements are met. A Wi-Fi site survey will provide a detailed analysis on current environment in line with industry best practice and expert knowledge. It will provide key details on configuration issues, coverage, and determine capacity.

Contact us to find out more and book your site survey with one of our expert certified engineers today.

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      - Comparison to industry compliance and best standards
      - Highlight any possible security risks or vulnerabilities

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