Q&A With Terry Moore


Founder & CEO of Outsource

Everyone always likes the opportunity to find out more about the people involved in building and leading in business.  We grabbed a quick chat with Terry to find out more about how and why he got started in IT.

Check out the questions below to get a glimpse into the man who prides himself as simply being one of the team.

How did you get started in the industry?

It wasn’t a conscious decision to end up in the IT industry. I’ve always had a passion for business and innovation and after completing a business degree I had the opportunity to study for a Masters whilst captaining the university rugby team. IT was the most attractive subject to me at the time so that was the route I went down. It was actually the ideal subject as it plays to my interests and skill set in building solutions and seeking constant innovation.

I moved to Manchester and worked for a large IT firm for a few years then relocated back home where I continued in the industry. I realised that I wanted to run my own business in order to do things the way I felt was best. The so called ‘Millennium Bug’ had been a major scare story in the industry and I recognised that security was actually the real issue businesses needed to focus on, not a hyped-up ‘bug’. When I first started out the business was called Secure IT Systems and it was all about delivering IT solutions with security at the core – even today, security is still one of the key pillars we continue to build the business and our services on.

In 2004 we re-named as Outsource Solutions. The business had grown to more than just IT and we were becoming integrated within our client’s businesses and delivering solutions to many other areas of their operations which have IT links, such as telecoms, online sales, and integrated security.

Within the last three years there has been rapid growth for the business and we now have offices in Antrim, Belfast, Cookstown, Dublin and Edinburgh, supported by a team of highly skilled staff. It’s been an amazing journey so far and we’re all excited about what’s ahead.


Typically, who are your clients or customers?

When the business was first established the majority of our clients were from the professional services industry, particularly in the legal sector. Whilst the clients we had when we first set up are still clients to this day, we definitely represent a wider range of industries, from hospitality and tourism to aviation, engineering, manufacturing and food production.


Do you enjoy what you do, and what in particular?

I can say with all honesty that I love what I do. I work very long hours, but the job is part hobby and part passion, so it never feels like work.

I love the opportunity for problem solving and the fact that the industry is constantly evolving with new technology and innovation to help us deliver an even better service to our clients. It’s a fast-paced industry and it’s really exciting to part of.


What is the most difficult part of your job?

Resourcing can certainly be a challenge. Finding the right people for particular jobs is about more than just qualifications and skills, it’s so important to have the right aptitude and client-focused approach which leads to really great work.


Outsource has a big birthday approaching! Keep in touch and stay connected to find out more about the vision and plans for the future as we approach our 20 years in business anniversary.

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