Safe, Secure, Compliant Communications


Businesses are justifiably nervous, the security threat to every business is growing, the risk is real. Every organisation recognises the consequences of inadequate security, compliance and reliability in communications systems.

  • Data breaches make headlines and affect reputations.
  • Privacy violations put companies at legal risks.
  • Downtime results in lost revenue.
  • Recovering from hacking or fraud is costly and a distraction from where management want to focus attention.
We Take Security Seriously.

We talk plainly about it because we can provide secure, compliant and reliable services.

Talk to us to find out more about how we can deliver secure voice, cloud communication solutions for your business with our telecoms partner 8×8.

Achieve your security and compliance goals.

From physical security to data at rest or in motion, 8×8 is protecting your business using the highest levels of security and compliance policies and procedures – verified by 3rd party security and compliance certifications including:

  • Privacy Shield Framework
  • ISO 27001 and 9001
  • PCI
  • Skyhigh CloudTrust and the Cloud Security Alliance Star Compliance
  • GDPR
  • U.K. Government G-Cloud
  • Cyber Essentials Plus

8×8 offer one platform for voice, video and chat. Services are developed with privacy and security in mind, they own their technology stack allowing them to prioritise our customers’ PCI compliance needs.  Infrastructure is developed to keep up with evolving standards. When changes are needed, everything can be quickly adapted and transparently communicated with customers without waiting on third party technology providers to modify their components.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact our Telecoms Solutions Expert to learn more about how together with 8×8 we can help enhance security and compliance for your business through one system of engagement that integrates voice, video, chat and contact centre capabilities.

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