On The Road To Recovery


Recovery has been talked about a lot over the last few months, as we look forward to the new post-pandemic world. Without doubt everything has changed and our way of living and working will be different.  Some good, some bad.

Perhaps now we all understand better how important recovery is across every aspect of our lives, businesses, and worlds.  It’s a common thread that exists across almost everything: economies, environment, sport, health, relationships, a good night out; the list is endless!

The principles of recovery are common:

  • It’s about getting back on your feet;
  • And recovering to at least the position you were before, or a better one.

Recovery can be approached in two ways: reactively or proactively.  Most of us take a reactive approach, we roll with the punches, re-evaluate, and cut our cloth accordingly.  That’s absolutely fine for the majority of things that we face personally.

However, for the really important things that have the potential to impact populations, industries, our businesses and our livelihoods; we must be pro-active.  That means, everyone needs to plan for the worse case scenario, and be sure those plans can stand up to the test when they are needed the most.

Before the event, it’s very difficult to conceive how real the risk of the worst happening actually is.

  • Pre 9/11 no one could have imagined those horrific events unfolding;
  • Pre 2008 no one could have predicted just how quick and deep the financial impact would hit;
  • Pre 2020 and Covid, enough said…

With the benefit of hindsight and our newfound experiences of these events; looking back it was almost, inevitable.  Simply a matter of time.

It’s important that we learn from history, and make sure that we’re always prepared for the worst.  There is no need to try and foresee every possible eventuality or categorise every tiny conceivable risk that might trigger an event.  However , we do need to think about the impact and the potential “what ifs” of an event itself.

In the context of IT and recovery, it should not be about all the things that could cause an availability issue, a security breach, or corruption (or even worse crypto locking) of data.  The cause is irrelevant (in the context of recovery – prevention and mitigation, well that’s one for another day).  Instead, the focus should be on what the impact of the event is to our business, and make sure that we have a plan, tried, tested and continually verified;  that can be executed, when needed, that will enable the business to get back as quickly as possible to at least the same position it was previously.

The ugly truth of recent months is that the worst does and will happen. 

Only you can decide how impactful or disastrous that might be to your business, and if it deserves a reactive or proactive response.

Want to know more about what you can do right now to put your business in the best position? 

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