Unbreakable: Safeguard Your Data with Immutable Backups


Engaging a cloud provider to provide and ensure immutable backups is a significant strategic decision. Not all providers are the same, nor are they universally suitable for every business. There are several considerations that come in to play when evaluating the most appropriate cloud provider and its services should reflect your unique business requirements and closely align to your strategic objectives.

Consider the scalability and flexibility of the service. Your should be able to adapt, evolve and grow your business without any unnecessary disruptions or needing substantial resources to manage and migrate data.

Pay attention to security standards. You want a provider who places a high priority on data security, using strong encryption protocols, and adheres to the highest compliance standards. Remember, with immutable backups, the cloud provider essentially holds the key to your business’s existence.

Review and continually assess and challenge the provider’s reliability and disaster recovery plan. How fast and effective is the recovery process in the event of data loss? Your business continuity depends on this. The cost of downtime can quickly add up, so choosing a cloud provider that can provide a robust and reliable recovery plan is crucial.

Customer support, service level agreements (SLAs) and contractual obligations are essential. A provider with a 24/7 support system and clear, favourable and guaranteed SLAs delivers better return for your investment.

Consider the provider’s reputation. Look for demonstrable track records and customer testimonials to ensure they are trustworthy and reliable.

Remember, choosing a cloud provider isn’t just about finding a place to store your data. It’s about aligning with a partner that supports your business strategy, understands your needs, and offers the right services that’s fit and appropriate to help you grow and succeed.  Carefully evaluating your own requirements and mapping them against the offerings of prospective providers will ensure that you select a partner that provides not just storage, but also long-term value and security for your business.

In essence, the cloud provider you chose for your immutable backups is a fundamental extension of your business. Much more than just a vendor; it’s a strategic partner integral to your overall success. Select wisely, because your business’s future may depend on it.

Outsource Group’s Cloud offering provides comprehensive solutions tailored to meet any requirements for frequency, retention, RPO (Recovery Point Objective), and RTO (Recovery Time Objective), along with the crucial aspect of immutable copies of data guaranteeing the ability to recover. By documenting and contractually committing to your recovery expectations, Outsource Group instils confidence and assurance. This level of business protection becomes even more critical in the current landscape of increasing ransomware and cybersecurity threats.

If you have any concerns or would like to hear more about how Outsource Group can help your business, please get in touch info@osgroup.co.uk

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