Analytics Solve The Toughest Puzzles!


Responding to today’s adversity requires a strategic plan, a resilient mindset and some creativity to approach new ways of thinking.

In a business climate where the most innovative products and services become commodities faster than ever before, the customer experience has emerged as a powerful differentiating force. At the same time, managing the customer experience in contact centers has become incredibly complex.

The first consideration is your contact center technology. Cloud is key.

We deliver telecoms solutions which allow you to look at every touchpoint your customer has with your business. Our telecoms solutions experts explore all areas including:

  • Connectivity
  • Infrastructure
  • Staff strengths and weaknesses
  • Goals and opportunities- What do you want to achieve from a new system
  • What are your KPI’s and how do you want to measure them?
  • Do you need omni-channel
  • Do you need video Capability? Text to save engineers going to buildings
  • Do you need to integrate with apps and CRM’s through API’s?
  • Do you take payments?
  • Do you need SMS or Chat app functionality?
  • Do you want to enable your customers to call you directly from your app?
  • How secure does your system need to be?
  • What are you going to need in the future?

We then take all of this info, and create one, people-centric solution to ensure your technology is perfectly matched to meet your bespoke needs.

Customer Experience is about more than just one event.

When business is not “business as usual”

As a complete cloud solution, 8×8 Contact Center ensures you’re ready to handle the unexpected. 8×8 can activate your operation swiftly and painlessly—at a local, national or global level. And if you need to quickly add agents—or want to deactivate agents—we make that easy, too.

Work from home made possible

For agents to successfully work remotely, they need to be able to respond to customers consistently, completely and in spite of any business disruptions. Remote work also requires that supervisors are able to monitor and fine-tune customer and agent engagement, just as easily as if they were in the office. With 8×8 Contact Center, work-from-home can easily become an option—or even a new norm—for everyone.

Deliver exceptional customer experience

In these times of uncertainty, your contact center is either ready—or it’s not. Analytics can give you a unique, outside-in perspective of the contact center to help solve the toughest CX puzzles and ensure customer loyalty without the worry.

Digital transformation is inevitable, business’ need to adapt and change or be left behind by those who will.  The future is now, the possibilities are endless, we can help.

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