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Coronavirus – Plan for the worst, Prepare for the best


Behind the wall to wall headlines, almost hysteria at times and 24/7 news coverage businesses need to take a mature approach on how to deal with instances such as Conoravirus. Such events are serious and unfortunately businesses will face more such detrimental external events in the future however we can only manage what is within our control.

Firstly, and most importantly in terms of Coronavirus “wash your hands more often and avoid unnecessary risks of exposure”.

Secondly, and in a much wider context take some time to assess the readiness of your business to deal with such unplanned detrimental business incidents going forward.

Two areas which should be assessed as a matter of best practice by all businesses are Flexible Working and Disaster Recovery. The best solutions will vary for every business so a professional assessment will be required using internal and possibly external resources.

Flexible Working:- Research has shown that remote working, if managed and supported correctly, can increase productivity, improve the health and well being of staff and improve overall business performance.

Disaster Recovery:- Every business should have an insurance plan to cover a worst case scenario and be concerned at their exposure if they don’t.

Technology and Telecoms provide people with the tools and solutions they need to work from anywhere at any time. All of the necessary systems, technology and communication tools exist now and businesses do not need to wait for the next big technological breakthrough. Nor do they need to wait for costs to fall further, they no longer have excuses not to deliver increased flexibility to their staff. The future of remote working and enhanced staff flexibility is now and the only thing left is for business to fully embrace.

Get in touch today if you would like to discuss how our team can offer a bespoke range of IT Managed Services and Security Solutions to minimise disruption to your business and keep your workforce safe, engaged and connected.

Our team of experts can Make Your Life Better by equipping your teams with the correct technology, training and support from our trusted global partners to ensure your business is prepared for any eventuality.


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