FSB Wellbeing Award Winners


The FSB 2020 awards did not happen in the way they were originally planned but we were delighted to receive the winning “Wellbeing Award” trophy today.

Some positive news to end an extremely challenging year.  Check out the more about what the award means to CEO Terry Moore by reading his responses to a few questions from FSB’s Roisin McAliskey below:

How does it feel to win and how does it affect your business?

Fantastic, to achieve any external recognition for what we do is an always an achievement but an award regarding the wellbeing of our staff is extra special as it is so important to us.  Our mission statement is to “Make Life Better” for our staff, our customers, partners and anyone connected with our company. We passionately care about what we do and the impact it has on others. We continuously try to find ways to improve and develop our culture, to maintain and promote the importance of personal wellbeing – and this award recognises that we are delivering.

How has Covid-19 impacted your business and how do you see things for yours and other small business?

The human cost and loss of life has been so tragic for many and cannot and should not be overlooked.  Businesses have faced unprecedented challenges and have had to adapt and change at a rapid pace, with some unfortunately struggling to survive.  But as the world slowed everyone got a chance to take stock and think about what was really important; for me it has highlighted the importance of people and relationships.

At Outsource we deeply understand that more than ever technology impacts every business, but also at the heart of every business are real people with their own challenges. The pandemic has only reinforced our commitment to ensure that Outsource will Make Life Better for everyone and every business we touch. To support this, we have accelerated plans to launch some exciting and ground-breaking disruptive products and services in early 2021, watch this space, to further drive and support the future success of our existing and new customers, during and beyond the current challenges.

I firmly believe that all businesses need to embrace the power of technology internally and/or with external assistance to fully exploit the benefits it will bring. The teams at Outsource have continued to work with businesses in all sectors, developing and implementing bespoke solutions to bring positive change throughout the crisis. 

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