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Belfast’s recent staging of CYBERUK 2023, the UK’s flagship cyber security event, was a fitting symbol of Northern Ireland’s new-found status as a leading global cyber security hub, with hundreds of businesses now contributing jobs and millions of pounds in investment to the local economy.

One of the foundations of this success has been the reputation and achievements of local indigenous IT focused firms, such as the Outsource Group, an IT security and managed services group of companies which has been innovating and delivering cyber security solutions to the local market for over two decades.

Founded by IT innovator Terry Moore in 2000, Outsource Group has grown year-on-year into what is now recognised as the leading locally owned IT security and managed services business in Northern Ireland, with over 70 staff, five offices and a compelling suite of IT related services on offer.

Originally established as a IT managed services business, Outsource has grown into a security focused group, with IT security underpinning all products and services. Security is the number one priority of Outsource, whether it be via our suite of managed services, cloud, telecoms or consultancy offerings.

To further enhance the Outsource focus on security and as part of the group’s growth plans in 2022, Outsource acquired one of the most highly respected cyber security consultancies, on these islands and beyond, in ANSEC IA.

This acquisition was a key part of Outsource’s strategic decision to become the “powerhouse in IT security services”, with ANSEC adding  additional skills, experience and reputation, underpinned with some  of the most experienced and technically proficient security consultants in the industry.

Based on this growing reputation for service, innovation and delivery, the growth of Outsource has no longer confined to Northern Ireland, with additional new business secured in the last 12 months in ROI, USA and Australia.

Terry Moore says: “Despite our overseas success stories, Northern Ireland will always be our core market, with the region’s growing reputation as a global hub for cyber security underpinning our growth plans. Being involved in CYBERUK 2023 and having the USA President Joe Biden tell the world that Northern Ireland is leading the world in Cyber Security, all helps cement this place as a world leader in cyber security.”

With specific regard to the recent acquisition of ANSEC, Terry goes on to say: “Businesses like ANSEC are key to developing the Outsource global brand. The acquisition is a statement to the market that any company which requires exceptional levels of security expertise and experience need to consider Outsource as the ‘go to’ group for IT security. No other local company can provide the depth and breadth of security services that Outsource can and with all group technical staff holding individual security clearances no other group in Northern Ireland can deliver the levels of security support and services, to every public or private entities, on these islands and beyond”.

Outsource’s plans remain to double in size over the next three years, which is supported by the acquisition of ANSEC, however the group continues to seek additional new acquisition opportunities, where it is considered its expertise or footprint could be further enhanced.

The group is also experiencing strong growth in its new cloud business, OSG Cloud. Another wholly-owned subsidiary of Outsource Group, OSG Cloud was formally built and developed in partnership with the Dell Group and is a full Dell, VMware, Veeam designed hyperscale cloud and direct competitor to the market-dominating ‘Big 3’ Public cloud providers of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service and Google.

Terry explains: “OSG Cloud was another innovation by the group and was developed from the ground up in partnership with the leading global IT solution providers in the world. Our Cloud delivers an enterprise grade solution to the mass market, delivering greater performance than the incumbent players at more competitive, ‘guaranteed’ price points. With the entire solution built with a security first objective, OSG Cloud will enable businesses to accelerate productivity, optimise IT, and maximise return on investment.”

“OSG Cloud enjoyed exceptional results across its first full 12 months of trading, exceeding all our expectations by recovering its initial capital investment and enjoying a positive cashflow position, almost two-years ahead of original forecasts. We expect the extremely strong demand for OSG Cloud to continue as companies prioritise cyber resiliency and disaster recovery services,” he continues.

Like all fast-growing businesses in the IT sector, a big challenge is around finding enough high quality people to enable and sustain expansion. Outsource Group has had real success in this area though, more than doubling its workforce in the past few years. The company puts a high priority on its culture and on providing learning and development opportunities for its team.

Terry Moore says that this has been really important in attracting talent. But he says that they have big plans to further enhance their offering.

“To sustain growth in the IT sector, you need great people and to get great people, you need to offer a great working environment where people are paid well for what they do, treated extremely well, and given everything they need to learn, perform, develop and grow. That’s where our focus is, and we’re working hard to further enhance our offering, with new benefits and incentives being added at the minute,” he continues.

“2023 won’t be without its challenges, and continuing to attract the right talent is one of them. But we expect this to be another very strong year for Outsource Group, and we’re excited about the possibilities this year and into the years ahead.”

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