Outsource Turns Twenty in 2020


Outsource is TWENTY! A milestone that not every business achieves and one that says a lot about the man behind the company, our CEO, Terry Moore.

Terry recently had a conversation with John Mulgrew about the milestone – below is just a snippet of what he had to say. Check out the January edition of Ulster Business magazine to find out even more, or read online here: https://www.ulsterbusiness.com/articles/2020/01/20/outsource-twenty-years-on-and-with-the-future-on-the-horizon

Outsource Solutions is a firm which is ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging technologies and a company which embeds itself in a client’s business to ensure total integration, ultimately helping to boost it and enable growth.

“Our approach is to take IT out of the boardroom,” Terry says, “What we do is to try to get ahead of some of the problems, understand the business and recognise that technology is there to benefit the company. We are there to make sure that business is possible, enriching lives, making things better and safer.  An important part of this is the relationships that we have.”

Terry formed around the time of the so-called ‘millennium bug’ when he said some firms were using scare tactics to get businesses to spend often hundreds of thousands of pounds, often unnecessarily.

“For me one of the things I felt was missing was understanding a business and factoring that refresh into it over a few years – removing barriers and letting them get on with what they do. Our job is to enhance, improve and optimise the performance for as many users as we can. Our aim over the next four years is to be able to deliver those services outside Northern Ireland, across the rest of the UK and into the Republic of Ireland.”

“For us, the constant is that we are always there at that point of where technology is consumed. The role we play is being integrated and a trusted advisor. That’s how we will continue to be successful.”

Predictions For The Next 20 Years

With a rise in automation and artificial intelligence – something Terry says has to become a little more intelligent and a little less artificial – the next major leap will be the advent of quantum computing. It’s something which remains in its infancy.

“While it’s still early, we are on the verge of the most aggressive technological change that any of us have ever seen,” he says




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