Tech Industry Is A Breeding Ground for Innovation


The tech industry moves at a phenomenal rate with companies striving to create a culture of innovation for their staff.  Employees are given the freedom to experiment, encouraged to attend events and conferences and get massive training opportunities to develop skills. Yet research suggests that by 2020, more than 800,000 technology posts will be unfilled due to the skills gap, and even lower level positions will require increasing levels of STEM knowledge and competence.

The potential and possibilities are endless with every sector in business being influenced, shaped or changed by technology in some way yet young people simply aren’t aware of it. At Outsource we understand the importance of tackling this issue and are doing what we can to give students a better understanding of the relevance of STEM to life and career choices in the future.

We are partnering with Young Enterprise to ensure we do what we can to help bridge the gap by sharing the knowledge and experiences of our team through volunteering.

Young Enterprise work with the government, MPs, civil servants and wider industry to make sure that every young person is given the opportunity to develop crucial financial management and employability skills, as well as an understanding of the broad range of careers available to them.

Young Enterprise work directly with young people, teachers, and businesses to help build a successful and sustainable future for all young people helping to unlock their potential. They develop key employability skills outside of the classroom through experiential learning. Enabling young people to develop practical skills to prepare them for the world of work.

In 2017/18, Young Enterprise reached 315,000+ young people across the UK, facilitating them to develop their business, financial and entrepreneurial capabilities.

We are delighted to be able to support them through volunteering alongside other business from across a range of sectors at a variety of their workshops in local schools and colleges.

One of our team who recently volunteered at a workshop commented “It was great to be able to engage with over 100 young people in a morning session at a local school.  They shared ideas and discussed how they imagined their lives in the future, it was great to be able to interact and help them think about how technology might impact and influence some of their choices.”

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