Effective Communication Is Essential For Success and Growth.


Ongoing restrictions impact our ability to live the life we knew a few months ago. But with change there is always opportunity.

How and when we communicate has been transformed and many companies have responded to change by implementing technology to enable their staff to adapt quickly to more remote or hybrid ways of working.

Effective communication is essential for success and growth of every organisation.

Is it time for you to get curious about technology?

We believe in strength in partnership and are proud to work with a range of global technology suppliers to ensure our customers have access a range of collaboration tools and technology services which can streamline the employee and customer experience.  These include two of the biggest technology companies in the communication and collaboration marketplace, 8×8 and Microsoft.

Did you know?

  • Your employees can collaborate on any device, across the entire organisation, even when they are on the move or scattered across the globe.
  • You can have peace of mind with the highest level of security and compliance requirements in place.
  • Your teams can connect and collaborate as if they were in the same room using HD video conferencing.
  • You can decide which is best for you. There are video, voice and chat options available to allow you to empower your customers and employees to communicate however they want.

During this time of massive upheaval and constant change, people want to work with and for business’ they can trust. Communication within teams and customers provides reassurance in tough times.

Remote working has become a bigger motivator for staff during the past five years. All signs suggest this trend will only continue to grow and that remote teams are the future of work.

With almost half of the UK population already working remotely stats would suggest that many would like it to continue, or at least have the option of some days at home.

A Gallup study of US workers found that 59% of those surveyed would like to continue working remotely.

This means a new kind of communications and approach is required to ensure employees benefit from better work life balance and do not feel disengaged or isolated. In turn the business will benefit from increased productivity, a reduction in employee turnover rates and decrease in overhead costs.

Technology can help promote meaningful interactions internally and externally.

Customers expectations are at an all time high and business communication is vital, as a positive customer experience is immensely reliant on communication.

IT is personal, every business has different needs and it is important to ensure you work with a technology partner you can trust to help you find the right solutions to assist your business to perform beyond expectations and communicate effectively.

Get in touch today to talk to one of our expert team about the range of technology services and solutions we offer. We are here and would be happy to help. Or check out this video of a short break out session hosted at our recent virtual event which focused on communications to find out more.

A recent project by our team for Kingspan Water & Energy Limited involved unifying communications to improve their customer experience and employee engagement, read more about their experience with our team by clicking here


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