Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Security Threats


The world is changing, and alongside that the rapid pace of technology has picked up speed, leaving many business leaders confused and unsure of what is the best way forward for them.  A primary focus for every business, regardless of industry, size or sector should be their I.T. security.

Do you consider online security as a top priority for your business?

The world’s largest work from home experiment is now underway, and over the next three years over 50% of the UK’s workforce, is expected to work from home, as part of their daily routine.

The extent to which a business can enable employees to perform effectively is dependent on many different factors, but I.T. security, in our opinion, should be number one.

The National Cyber Security centre releases a weekly report and recently stated: “With more organisations moving operations online, it has never been more important to ensure your defences are as robust as possible”

There has never been a better time to review your I.T. security.

  • Are your staff aware of their IT security risk?
  • Do your teams know what links they are clicking?
  • Who is using their laptop?
  • Are they using it for work and sharing with their kids for home school activities?
  • Who are they sharing a network with?
  • Is their network secure?
  • Could your business recover from a breach?


We recommend that every business keep their staff informed of  the danger of cyber attacks and build effective security awareness within their company communications, to ensure that staff do not become complacent and remain risk aware. Inform your teams of what to look out for, and the importance of keeping their eyes peeled and being vigilant about suspicious emails.

One effective way to mitigate risk is to introduce phishing campaigns to your business. These can pre-empt threats, improve overall awareness and ensure your employees know what to look for. If they do receive a real threat, they will be able to identify discrepancies and avoid clicking any suspicious links.

The question is when there will be a cyber-attack on your business? Not if. 

We recommend a multi-layered approach to protecting your business from security breaches.  Our services are  tailor-made to suit your business requirements. We offer solutions which provide 24/7/365 security in the form of monitoring, alerts, security updates and can also provide vulnerability scans.

We believe that the single best way we can deal with the threat of cyber-attacks for our customers is to pro-actively stop them before they succeed. Our services are designed to offer maximum protection and peace of mind.

We have achieved Cyber Essentials Plus certification and partner with a range of global providers to ensure that we provide and implement the best bespoke cyber security solutions available to meet our customer needs.

Click the link below to watch a breakout session from our recent RE:IMAGINE virtual event which focused on security. Orla and Sandra discuss some services and solutions that you might be able to implement in your business to improve your IT security and defend against cyber-attack.


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